Oo-de-lally, a crown! How exciting!

Things that I am excited about today:

  • Jasmine’s birthday today!!
  • It’s I <3 Lennie month on TNT (Looking for the I love L&O mug?)
  • Our roses are blooming again (3rd time this year!)
  • My beautiful yarn arrived! I love it, even though the color doesn’t seem quite the same as on the website.
  • Hayden’s new adorable crib sheet.
  • A letter and CD of photos from Kim!
  • A knitting kick: looking at even more fun yarns and thinking about designing my first pattern, even!

Things that I’m not excited about:

  • Hayden’s amazing six night streak of resisting any and all attempts to help him sleep through the night.
  • Nursing Hayden at 3 AM for the rest of . . . the year? Forever?
  • Hayden’s new separation anxiety.