Don’t overthink happiness!

Ryan got a subscription to Fitness magazine, thinking with a name like “Fitness” it would be for both genders. Of course, it’s really not. (I don’t know; are the pictures of half- and quarter-dressed women supposed to appeal to women? I know I don’t work out in underwear.)

I like to read it, though, especially after I saw this blurb on a study from Perspectives on Psychological Science in the October 2011 issue of Fitness (p 105; emphasis mine):
daddy reading to rachel

Women reported experiencing worse moods after reading an article touting the importance of joy and then immediately taking part in a fun activity. “Setting higher expectations for happiness can actually lead you to feel less happy,” says study coauthor Jane Gruber, Ph.D. . . . To avoid that buzzkill, pause to savor little feel-good moments. . . . “Enjoying the activities themselves, rather than because you think they are going to make you happy, is key,” Gruber says.

What do you think? What are your “little feel-good moments”? (You can see one of mine at right!)

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3 thoughts on “Don’t overthink happiness!

  1. my feel good moments are usually when Eric is interacting with the girls and I can OBSERVE how happy they are… rather than being the one making them happy. Ditto with being able to observe their happiness when they play by themselves. Why is it that when I’m playing WITH them, it ceases to feel less blissful? Because there is work involved perhaps? Because it also makes me tired?

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