Pictures and a picnic

I went just a little crazy with the photos today… I took like 20 something. Here are three:

Hayden “pulled” himself up to standing using the wall. I don’t know how.

Then I fell in love with his new outfit, so I decided to try some “professional” type photos. Not much success, but here’s a pretty cute one:

Then we met Lindsey and Sadie in the park for a picnic lunch (mostly for the adults; very delicious!) and play time. Okay, so play time was mostly for the adults, too, since we just stuck around the swings and talked.

I talk a lot. I tried to blame this on the fact that, other than the check out girl at Walgreen’s, I hadn’t had a face-to-face interaction with a person that can talk back in almost three days. I probably talk a lot anyway. Lindsey is terribly patient!

Here are Haydie and Sadie playing together. This was about 5 seconds before I discovered Hayden was eating handfuls of seeds from the cement, and not liking them, either.

It was a great way to spend a lovely afternoon! Other than the seeds, of course.

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4 thoughts on “Pictures and a picnic

  1. We had a lot of fun today! Thanks for the picture! I haven’t looked at mine yet but if I have some cute ones, I’ll send them your way. Thanks again for the invite. It was fun talking and you didn’t talk too much!!! Let’s do it again soon!

  2. I love his chubby thighs!! That’s not even a very good picture of them. This baby won’t be in the eighth percentile for weight anymore!!

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