Planned obsolence?

So it’s been one year since we bought our newest computer. We got a printer free with rebate, a Canon Pixma iP3000—and yes I have to name names. For the last 6 weeks, the printer has started printing white streaks in documents. It’s gotten worse over time—now it can’t even print a single legible line in three pages of text. I’ve been through the entire troubleshooting process on the Canon website twice, including cleaning and deep cleaning the print heads.

Now it says that I have to take it to Salt Lake to get it serviced (a 40 min drive, which is quite a chore with a baby!) or mail it to their service center—and I’ll need proof of purchase, which I sent to them as part of the rebate and no longer have a copy of.

Sigh. At least the rebate means we got the printer for free . . . I think.

Except we bought $75 of print cartridges last week (after the salesguy assured us that these print cartridges cost less than the printer, unlike my old Compaq/Lexmark) to see if that was the problem. It wasn’t.

…Now what?

On the plus side, I found an awesome pattern to knit a wrap cardigan and some inexpensive, high quality (and gorgeous) yarn.

Well, back to work. Got to make hay while Hayden sleeps.