The quest continues: TNT L&O commercial mug

Update: FOUND ONE!

Looking for the TNT L&O commerical mug? I <3 L&O too, and the quest for the mug continues. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • My mom located the offical NBC L&O store. They have a black ceramic mug with the show logo (and one with the SVU logo).
  • TNT does not currently have a store, but they do have an entire I<3L&O subsite. There’s a lot of fun stuff there. After e-mailing them corrections & new questions for “Stump the L&O experts” and my own “I <3 L&O so much…” stories, I also asked them if they were planning on selling the I<3L&O mug. I informed them that people are searching for the mug (I’ve gotten three or four visitors from search engines looking for “TNT L&O mug”—I’m #1 for that keyword, oddly enough). I’ll let you know if I get a response.
  • If you don’t want to wait for a response, I have a do-it-yourself solution.
    • Locate a site like CafePress. CafePress has a limited selection of ceramic mugs to put a custom design on. Use the images in this post at your own risk if you want them; they may require resizing, touchup, etc.
  • A fourth alternative: there are several professional mug printing companies that offer batch orders. If enough people contact me (by leaving comments), I’d be willing to spearhead an order. I’ve seen a few mugs with a minimum order of 12 (several to choose from, but I like this one best) or 25 mugs. I’d charge even cost, including shipping to you. The end cost would be a minimum of $12.50+shipping to you, and that’s based on a one-color quote. A 2 color quote might be $3-4 dollars extra.
    • Still interested? Leave a comment about the design & cup you’d prefer!

PS. I heart L ‘n’ O, in case you haven’t noticed.