Rebecca is clever

Rebecca is three and a half now (and she’ll gladly tell you this!). And let me tell you—we love to hear her talk. And sing. Here are some cute phrases from her I’ve collected over the last few months:

One afternoon, she was playing with Hayden and his fire truck. Seeking his attention, she exclaimed, “I’m a fiwe [fire]! Buwn buwn buwn buwn!

It worked.

A couple months ago we had a mouse. In our house. Shudder.

Rebecca’s reaction, however, was on the other end of the spectrum. “Mayme we can do sumping nice fow de mouse!” [Maybe we can do something nice for the mouse!]

We decided not to, however, and trapped and killed it. When I explained this all to Rebecca, she concluded, “Dewe awe no wive mice in ours wowd [world].”

Rebecca climbed onto Hayden’s bike, but couldn’t make it go. I asked if she needed something. She said she did.

“A new bike. It’s whoa on enderdy [energy].”

Rebecca had some . . . bathroom issues recently. It looks like she’s all better now, but at once upon a time, I told her her bummy was telling her it was time to poop. She narrowed her eyes at me. “Bummies can’t talk ’cause dey awe not awive.” She lowered her eyes and her voice. “Duh.”

Finally, my sister recorded this original composition by Rebecca a couple weeks ago:

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4 thoughts on “Rebecca is clever

  1. I very much appreciate the song. I’ll travel with her anytime around the world even if we run out of gas.

  2. Can’t wait to see her in person. I will go round the world with her, too.
    Speaking of which… I heard some rumors or wishes about our big adventure. What do you think?

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