Safety first!

So I finally got around to installing the locking clip on the seatbelt that held Hayden’s car seat base recently. Before that, the car seat would tip over every other time I made a right turn. I feel like an idiot (or worse, a neglectful mother!) for waiting so long and letting him be less than safe.

I guess that instead of feeling guilty, I should just be grateful that the problem is solved and nothing bad happened to him before.

On a lighter note, yesterday was a day of firsts:

  • First time crawling on his hands and knees (instead of forearms and knees)
  • First time climbing up something (me) to a standing position
  • First time having applesauce

Unfortunately, no pictures of Hayden’s milestones this time around!

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One thought on “Safety first!

  1. We can feel neglectful together, Jordan. I had the same problem. Sadie’s carseat would tip over on each right turn too. I would feel really bad when I wouldn’t notice it tipping. Sometimes she would be on her side for a few minutes. Now she is in a forward facing seat and she likes that much better.

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