Savor the seasons of motherhood

I have to be honest. While spring is my favorite season of the year, it didn’t really have much to do with my choice of the GWP theme for March/April. Instead, the theme was inspired by a quotation, source long since lost, that a good friend’s mother shared with her:

Wise is the woman who cherishes each season
and cheerfully anticipates the next.

My friend shared this quotation during a lesson in church on having patience. Most of us in the room were mothers, many with young children—and I think we all recognized the very common human tendency to want to rush or move on through the difficult times of parenting.

Focusing solely on the future, the next season of our lives, robs many of us of the joy of today. We dwell on the difficulties that bedevil us now: lack of sleep, kids’ eating problems, overwhelming amounts of housework, lack of time with our children and/or spouse, kids’ tantrums, and on and on. We could all likely spend hours listing the things about motherhood that leave us dissatisfied. For me, at least, after I’ve done that, all I’m left with is dissatisfaction.

When I stop brooding over the “bad” parts of motherhood, however, suddenly my charge is less of a chore. When I look at the cute and sweet things that my son already does, when I marvel at the ways he’s grown and continues to grow every day, I don’t think about the drudgery that it was.

arty b/w photo of Hayden at 26 months

Perhaps hindsight is 20/20; perhaps memory is blind. But as I look back over Hayden’s brief life, my chief regret (aside, possibly, from mildly spoiling him 😉 ) is not enjoying him more, even during the difficult times.

So today, I’ll savor the season. Today, I will do the work of motherhood, and I will choose to be happy. Tomorrow I’ll be able to look back with fond memories of the time I spent today. And I’ll be ready for the challenges—and joys—that tomorrow will surely bring.

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11 thoughts on “Savor the seasons of motherhood

  1. It’s when you think back to the “what ifs” you find the “dids” in life, so you continue to savor and cherish those moments again and again. I think that’s why I take a million photographs of Andrew (with a lot of ridicule from some people)-so when I think there was something I missed, I remember what was had, what was shared.

    And you’re lucky-you’ll have another little one to cherish soon enough. :)

  2. Well said, and many of the postings on your blog are such a tribute and legacy for him. There is nothing better than being fully present in the moment with yoru child and having awareness about the presence. Thanks for reminding me about the things I know but often need to hear again from a different source. Best to you.

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