Share and share alike

I’m not sure how this came about, but sometimes Hayden is very good at sharing. This is pretty surprising coming from a 14-month-old-as-yet-only-child. Ryan suggested that it’s because we always share with him. I’m not sure; it usually isn’t my screaming that prompts Hayden to share with me.

Hayden 13 months 026.jpgI’m pretty sure, however, that our ‘lady and the tramp’ moments have had an effect on Hayden. If I lean in to give him a kiss on the lips, he opens his mouth for some food. I guess we know where his heart lies.

So last night while I was making dinner, Hayden was sitting on the floor of the kitchen with a pretzel. I leaned in to give him a kiss, and he offered me his pudgy fist. “No thanks,” I told him, pulling away from the 5 millimeters of soggy pretzel sticking out of his proffered palm. I leaned in again. He tried to share with me again. “No thanks, you can have it,” I said.

He looked at me, looked at the pretzel, and looked back at me. “Num,” he said, and stuffed the pretzel in his mouth.

When I offered him chocolate chips on Sunday, he screamed for them and yelled “Num num num!” Does this count as his first word?

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