Shortest post ever

I’m sick. Blech.*

*Translation: I never realized how much energy being a mom really takes. Current energy stores=0. Should you exercise when you’re sick? I’m going to bet on no. Especially since if I did exercise, I might die. Or at least not have enough energy to carry Hayden around a grocery store for an hour. Oh wait, I just did that. Yo quiero . . . ¬°dormirme! Fin.

2 thoughts on “Shortest post ever

  1. You too, uh? It’s been a rough day here for me too.

    Did you go to swimming this morning? If you did, sorry we missed it. If you didn’t, then I guess we both missed out.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Russel’s sick too and it’s the pits. I had a weird dream about Hayden last night, it was really weird. I called him Jordan once and then realized that wasn’t his name but couldn’t think of his name. weird.

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