Six of one, half a dozen of the other IV

A (mostly) visual meme today. One day I’ll really try to make this memetic.

Six Things I Didn’t Finish Before My Family Arrived Today

Hayden 13 months 002.jpg
Cleaning my desk
Hayden 13 months 003.jpg
Getting rid of the things the old owners left in our house
Hayden 13 months 004.jpg
Installing Hayden’s car seat and putting up the shadow boxes on top
Hayden 13 months 005.jpg
Moving Ryan’s trunk and other stuff in the guest bedroom
Hayden 13 months 006.jpg
Giving our old stuff to Goodwill
Vacuuming, showering, second load of dishes.

Half a Dozen Things I Did Before They Came

Hayden 13 months 007.jpg
Clean my room
Hayden 13 months 010.jpg
Make cute stuff for Haydie’s room
Hayden 13 months 008.jpg
Clean my closet (and Ryan’s)
Hayden 13 months 009.jpg
Organize the guest bedroom closet
Hayden 13 months 011.jpg
Paint these shadow boxes. They used to be white.
Hayden 13 months 011.jpg
Get my hair cut. I look a little crazy here, though.

I’m excited to see my family! We haven’t seen each other since Thanksgiving—and five months is a long time to go without seeing your only grandson (for them).

UPDATE: Since most of this is much needed housework that I’ve tackled recently, this has been added to Tackle It Tuesday, by 5 Minutes for Mom.

9 thoughts on “Six of one, half a dozen of the other IV

  1. Hey,
    I’m here from the Tackle it Tuesday linky! Your desk looks EXACTLY like mine!! It’s been on my list to tackle for almost 2 months and it still looks like that! I totally feel your pain!!

    Great job on the rest of the stuff you DID get done! That’s a lot to tackle!!!

    Love the haircut! That’s on my list too!

  2. I agree! That was a lot to tackle. My desk was a bit messy last week but now it’s just dusty.

    I don’t even want to think about the closets. Maybe I will tackle that next week.

    Great job

  3. Wow! You should be proud of those tackles!! My desk has been on my tackle list for weeks and I still haven’t gotten to it. At least that gives you something to do next week! :)

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