Some cool work articles

I got a couple articles in my inbox today for work that I really liked, which isn’t a very common occurrence. At least not 2 in one day.

  • MarketingSherpa’s SherpaBlog: What’s not to love about SEO/Internet marketing analogized to matchmaking? Or maybe I’m just as silly as Anne Holland is here because my anniversary’s coming up.
  • ClickZ: Search Results. I prefer to call this one SEO Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum. Lots of SEO people, clients, prospective clients, etc. seem to think SEO is a magic pill. Mike Grehan’s point here is not only that “the sandbox” probably doesn’t exist (or at least not how a lot of people think it does) but that SEO campaigns need to be part of an overall marketing campaign. Too many companies (are you listening, employer of my husband?) have no unified marketing strategy. “Oh, yeah, we’ll do some SEO here and we’ll do a magazine ad there and I’ll throw a dart at this dartboard to determine our next move and hope everything falls into place. Any exposure is good, right?” Not exactly.