Sometimes I’m so clueless!

Okay, I’ll take a shot for 5 things you don’t know about me, and we’ll see how many we get.

I was tagged by Lindsey.

  1. The first week I dated Ryan, we stayed up until 4 AM at least two nights. Week nights. And at least one of those, we were sitting (just talking!!) in my car. This is March in Utah, folks—we were lucky not to lose any toes! (We were so cold we could hardly move by the time we left!)
  2. Also that week, I overslept and missed work. I was working as a Teaching Assistant (my favorite job ever) and I had to be there—I was the teacher on Fridays. Woke up half an hour after my first hour of teaching started. Let my other two classes go after 15 minutes. To make amends, I had to give an extra make up lab (ah, it was just the basic principles of economics; they don’t need ’em!) at night (the one time Ryan got to see me in action). My boss opted not to hire me for oen of the limited number summer positions because of this, but she still wanted me back in the fall. I was still quite upset and cried for a long time. Karen (boss) was nice about that, though. It worked out okay in the end—Ryan and I got married during the summer.
  3. I’m a horrible eater. I’m picky about some things (I hate pepperoni—too spicy—eggs, crunchy peanut butter, yogurt or ice cream with seeds in it—even vanilla bean drives me nuts!) and often don’t realize I haven’t eaten anything until mid afternoon.
  4. I think I might be transferring this to Hayden. Up until last month, I was WAY too lazy to fed him solid foods often enough. I’m finally getting into the habit (although nursing is still far more convenient for us). However, I have the worst time trying to figure out what to give Hayden as finger food. My mom mentioned bananas, I replied, “Oh, we don’t have any.” Mom was like, “They have these things… I’m sure they have them in Utah… I’ve been in them in Utah… They’re called stores.” Riiiight. On the plus side, I do feed Hayden things I don’t eat such as sweet potato, squash and oatmeal.
  5. I’ve dropped Hayden approximately twice. Once, he was sleeping in his carseat and had a major blowout in the middle of the night. (It seemed major at the time; I would later learn better.) I picked him up to take him to the changing pad, carrying him with one hand under his head and one hand under his bummy. (I can’t believe we actually use that word, but I have to admit that I coined it in our family.) Bummy = slippery when covered in poo. His bummy slipped out of my hands and he fell about a foot onto the ground. The other time(s?) was just a dumb accident.

So, did you know those things?

I hereby tag… um… Jaime because she hasn’t updated in years (months, whatever), Brooke just because, Laura Wattenberg because I love her Baby Name Blog and book, The Baby Name Wizard (though I doubt she’ll ever see this or have time to respond), and um… Jasmine, Mom, Dad and Ryan to respond in my comments. They only count as half a blogger each since they don’t have their own blogs.

On that note, bonus #6: I’m tinkering with my comments. I’ve gotten them back to the old peek-a-boo style, but the JS to run that seems to be slowing my page loading time. I’ll also have to tweak the CSS so they’re not all caps. Bet you didn’t know I was so technical, eh? Yeah, well, I’m not. As I said to my coworkers (when I had coworkers), “We have a very low tech job (copywriting) in a very high tech field (Internet).”

Okay, so most of my list were about me in conjunction with my family. What can I say? They’re my life. They are a part of me. They’re who I am.

Though just about every day, I long to be my own person, if I’m truly honest with myself, I have to admit that Hayden, Ryan and the rest of my family are almost more a part of me than I am. And when I’m truly honest with myself, I’ll admit that I love it.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m so clueless!

  1. 1. I hate to be mircomanaged (basically told what to do). hate Hate HATE it. I don’t think I was unnormally defiant during my teenage years so maybe it’s coming out now. Example: my boss asked me to fill out a log of what I do daily. The secretary made up three different forms for me to try out. Before even looking at them I threw them all away and got started on my own. I overheard a co-worker saying “she just likes to do things her own way” AMEN SISTER. (With that being said, I do listen to what my bosses ask me to do).

    2. I.AM.ADDICTED.TO.FACEBOOK. It is my release while at work. If I make a difficult phone call, am stressed about something, or come back from a meeting I’ll check it. If I’m bored, I’ll check. If I’m thirsty, I’ll check. I think you get the point. It helps me not go crazy, but makes me even more so. Does that manke sense?

    3. I NEED my sleep. This just developed during my last year of college. I love going to bed early. Sometimes I’ll come home from work and go straight to bed for 2 hours and then go back to bed around 10:30. I can sleep anywhere, doing most anything. Riding in a noisy car, watching a movie, while Russel’s trying to talk to me, etc.

    4. We have a two bedroom apartment yet the second bedroom might as well be called the Junk Room. It is full of JUNK. Fish tank, desk, lovesac, movies, books, scrapbooking stuff, christmas presents, luggage, the list goes on. I HATE this, but Russel doesn’t even want to start organzing until we pick up the entertainment center which has been at our old place since the 4th of Decemeber (when we moved out). Good thing we have all the time in the world to get it. Hopefully it’ll happen this weekend.

    5. I’m a very picky shopper, most of the time. Then I get desparate because I haven’t found anything I like and I really need the item (say a pair of shoes). When this happens I get something I kinda like, then I usually fall in love with it later. I need new black shoes. I’ve needed them since around October and still have yet to get them. I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find a pair I like. I’m sure I’ll break down soon and get some though.

    oh and by the way, I am not updating my journal (read number 1). I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!!

  2. 1. I think I have a really bad pack rat problem. I had way too much at home (and still do) and I started out with not much at school. I’m using up about all the space available. It worries me and causes me to reorganize frequently.

    2. My self-esteem fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I feel gorgeous and other times I feel like I am so unattractive. I don’t like how I look without makeup or without straightening my hair. Usually I feel like Okay but I don’t like my nose.

    3. I have a hard time saying NO to people. I have started to work on it and saying no to boys I don’t want to go on dates with. Four hours after I changed my relationship status on Sunday the RA from the boys dorm asked me out again. “How single is single?” I said no. Before that I just have this strange urge to always say yes like I was going to find something better.

    4. I haven’t done any homework yet this semester. I procrastinated and didn’t read the syllabus and I missed reading assignments in three of my classes. I’ve been done with classes all afternoon and I’ve spent it on FACEBOOK (girl bye Im addicted too) and wishing Kevan would call. Oh and we went to DI. I bought two picture frames and a $4 table for our kitchen. It’s name is SAM

    5. I suck at tests. I didn’t do very well on my SATs or ACT. Most of my roommates got academic scholarships. I get really bad grades and I try so hard. I feel really dumb sometimes. I totally follow what the teacher says in class and I study like crazy and I still can’t seem to make a good grade. I havent done well on more than 5 tests in college.

    Im a picky eater too.

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