Are spammers getting stupider? No, really. Today alone in my work e-mail I’ve gotten five messages with subject lines like:

  • ***SPAM***13.5 Your future, Paleo-american
  • ***SPAM***32.7 Your health, paper cloth

Actually, some of them are kind of interesting: “palm-veined,” “your future, narrow-mouthed,” “pillar drunk.” I don’t have to read the subject lines if I don’t want to: thank heaven for spam filters!

Which suddenly reminds me—I like how in GMail’s contextual ads the ads running above my Spam folder are always stuff like “Savory SPAM crescents recipe!” You just have to laugh. It’s mandatory.

Off to swim lessons! Hayden got his face under the water for the first time on Monday (or at least the first time that was on purpose on my part). Maybe he’ll like it a little better today.