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Custom permalinks come to Blogger!

Blogger keeps getting new features that really make it more and more of a “professional” blogging platform. The latest feature is something called custom permalinks.

The permalink for a blog post is the direct link to that post (as opposed to your main page, an archive page or a tag/label page). It’s set by default from the title of the post, usually something like:


Now Blogger has added a feature so than you can change the words in blue to a custom permalink. You can use upper and lower case letters, number, and three special characters: period, hyphen and underscore.

To set your custom permalink, just click on permalink in the right hand navigation of the post window. Select Custom URL and type in your choice!

This is especially helpful for search engine optimization, since using search keywords in your URL can bump your search engine rankings.

It can also be useful if you want to know exactly what the URL will be before posting, or if you want to make the URL easier to remember.

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