The Carnival of Family Life

If my calculations are right, this is the 58th edition of the Carnival of Family Life, and I’m your host! If this is your first time here, welcome to MamaBlogga! Feel free to take a look around here, but don’t forget to enjoy the excellent posts that follow!

Ben Cotten presents Reconnecting With Family posted at .: Ben’s SoapBox :..

Summer presents A year gone by posted at Wired For Noise.

shinie presents The Ultimate Sacrifice posted at “Well, I guess this is growing up”.

Jordan presents A hug, metaphorically speaking posted here at MamaBlogga.

Linsey B. Knerl presents You Wouldn’t Even Recognize Me… posted at Facipiers and Stinky Toes.

Holly Schwendiman presents A Mother’s Heart posted at Holly’s Corner Blog.

Lill Hawkins presents Anger Management posted at News from Hawkhill Acres.

jldude presents On Fatherhood posted at My Search for Meaning, Money….

Humor & Anecdotes
Curmudgeonly Yours presents “What have you thrown away this time?” posted at hizzenherz.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Chance Meeting (Wedding Anniversary Limerick) posted at MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG.

Kevin Kozlen presents Monkey-see, Monkey Doo Doo posted at Play at Home Mom.

Leisa presents Poor, Sweet Dog posted at

therapydoc presents Teaching posted at Everyone Needs Therapy.

Csara presents Who is this monster in my house? posted at Baby Talkers.

Riley presents She Speaks! posted at All Rileyed Up.

Summer presents Do you know your ABC’s? posted at Mom Is Teaching.

Erica Douglas presents Teaching Table Manners (at a buffet restaurant) posted at Littlemummy.Com.

Jennifer in OR presents The Consequences of Laundry Procrastination posted at Diary of 1.

deputyheadmistress presents Was That a Trick Question? posted at The Common Room.

JHS presents Sunday Scribblings #63: Spicy posted at Colloquium.

Advice & Tips
Jeffrey Strain presents Creative Ways To Reduce Child Care Costs posted at Saving Advice.

Summer presents Water water everywhere? posted at Mom Is Teaching.

Dexie presents The REAL Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas posted at

GP presents Getting Grilled posted at INNside Innkeeping in Montana.

Jody DeVere presents – Official Blog posted at AskPatty – Automotive Advice For Women.

Whymommy presents Berries in the garden posted at Toddler Planet.

Kendra presents Failure to Progress in Labor to Protect Your Baby posted at

Cap presents Six Steps to Teaching Your Children Better Money Skills posted at Mint | Free, Simple Personal Finance Software.

Hueina Su presents Practice Detached Involvement posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul.

Super Saver presents Free Children’s Books From Barnes & Nobles posted at My Wealth Builder.

Melitsa presents Have you started your babies’ treasure basket? posted at

Lori Cooperstein presents When the Dog Bites… When the Bee Stings… posted at Fun Play Dates.

Maureen presents Trinity Prep School – The Journey Through Adolescence posted at Trinity Prep School.

Kevin presents Camping with Kids posted at A Resource for Parents and Families.

Dr. Hal presents The Mental Glue posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

Mommy the Maid presents Snacks for the kiddos…and mommas who are still kiddos at heart posted at Mommy the Maid.

Terry McClary presents All we got was a scary movie… posted at Mind Of A Mom.

Cory Aldrich presents Space… The Final Frontier posted at

Kerri presents Alphabet Cookie Cutters posted at Play Library.

News & Announcements
Mike presents Baby Update and a Brief Course In Genetics posted at Be A Good Dad.

Megan Bayliss presents Win a Book by Sharing a Good Parenting Story. posted at Imaginif….

Sheppard Salter presents Breast Feeding posted at

Dana presents My Mouse earned her brown belt! posted at Principled Discovery.

alfaking presents Divorce at…92! « Alfa King Memories posted at Alfa King Memories.

Sagar Satapathy presents Wedding Adventure: The 10 Top Indian Matrimonial Websites posted at Love, Romance & Dating.

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  1. Great to see so many new faces! I am loving all the new visitors to my blog and meeting so many great people! Please sign up for my Mustard Sprout Bag giveaway when you read my featured blog post! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Jordan.Your carnival entry is a reminder I need every now and then. What we do as mothers is more important than what we’re not doing.Now off to mine more gold.
    Shine On,

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