The Upcoming BlogOlympics

On August 8, 2008, the XXIX Summer Olympics will begin in Beijing. The Olympics are games designed to foster an international community—a lot like how blogging is about community. So this year, why don’t we prepare for the Olympics with our own version of the Olympics—the BlogOlympics?

On Monday, I’ll have badges for Gold, Silver, and Bronze “medals.” To earn them, starting on Monday, participate in events at each level: for a Bronze, complete a Bronze event; for a Silver, complete a Bronze and a Silver event; for a Gold, compete a Bronze, Silver and Gold event. Like next year’s Olympics, the BlogOlympics will end on August 24.

And of course, one of the requirements to participate is to link to the official post that begins the BlogOlympics on Monday.

The Events
Here’s a list of some of the events that I came up with—please suggest more in the comments!


  • Comment on up to 5 new blogs
  • Subscribe to a new blog
  • Submit or vote for a post you like on someone else’s blog on a social networking or bookmarking site
  • Add a blog to your blogroll


  • Comment on 6 to 15 new blogs
  • Participate in a blog carnival
  • Participate in a group writing project
  • Subscribe to 3 new blogs
  • Submit or vote for a post you like on someone else’s blog on a social networking or bookmarking site three times
  • Contact a blogger about guest blogging on their blog
  • Add three blogs to your blogroll


  • Comment on 16 to 25 new blogs (and over)
  • Sign up to host a blog carnival
  • Host a group writing project (or plan one)
  • Subscribe to 5 new blogs
  • Submit or vote for a post you like on someone else’s blog on a social networking or bookmarking site five times
  • Review someone else’s blog on your blog
  • Interview another blogger
  • Send a completed guest post to another blogger
  • Write two “pillar articles” or pieces of “flagship content

Since the Olympics are about individual excellence as well, this will be on the honor system.

Leave your ideas for events in the comments and spread the word!

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31 thoughts on “The Upcoming BlogOlympics

  1. You win the
    I’m absolutely so creative it’s disgusting award :)

    What an awesome idea. Though I’m boycotting the 2008 olympics, I will def. participate in this. I just sub’d to 3 new blogs… can that count toward?

    ALSO- do you have to do everything on the list or just one?

    what a rockin idea.

  2. What a fun idea :) !!

    You should add a bloggy housekeeping thing as part of the curriculum – cleaning up your blog, cleaning our your bloglines account, naming image files, etc.

  3. This is a cool idea and great way to encourage blogosphere activity. I would have imagined it differently, with events for Commenting, Generating Links, etc.


  4. This is a really neat project. Very creative and original. I’m glad it’s next week, because I’m snowed under this week.

  5. Wow!
    Just signed up for your blog yesterday, but didn´t have time to read everything. This sounds great! It´s really something we should do more often though, but this is a good start. Great!I´m not sure I will be able to participate but I will post about it on my blog.

  6. What fun! You could also add things like add a Site Meter to your blog. Learn about Technorati. I like the one about cleaning up your blog too. Maybe even learn a new skill, like making your own favicon.

  7. go for bloggy housekeeping category!!! for sure!

    ps: does this comment count as one of my “comment on a new blog” comments?

  8. Wow you are a marvel of ingenuity!
    I love your imagination!
    Now some of those things are unknowns, how too list would be in order ?????????

  9. I am a fairly new blogger BUT … I love this! If I had the faintest idea about how to host a carnival I would do it. I will start training now. But I think I need a real good coach :)

  10. This is a wonderful idea. So many blogging techniques are hyper technical and your advice is just…better. And appealing to those who just like to blog and discover new blogs and “meet” more people. Great ideas!

  11. Wow, I’ve won gold while training. LOL!

    I won’t be able to take part all the time. Not with school starting and a son moving out. Sorry.

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