Things I learned while “working” again

Here are my life lessons from “working” again this week:

  • Planning ahead is a beautiful thing. I think last Wednesday was the perfect day. I had three posts live before I got out of bed. So, naturally, I slept in.
  • Getting up early can also be a beautiful thing. Cue the picture of Haydie slapping his forehead. I can’t believe it either. But on days that I got up early, I got a ton done. Even if it was all I could do to wade through news stories and e-mails before Hayden got up, it made my day go smoother. (Also beautiful: going to bed at 9. Divine!)
  • I can afford to take time to myself. These last two weeks I’ve spent more time actually working than I have probably all year. And even then, I was still able to spend time doing what I want to do. Believe me, gentle readers, you will soon be reaping the benefits. (WINK!)
  • What I want to do is write. I know you were wondering when I said that a minute ago, so I’ll tell you. So even when I wasn’t writing for work, I was writing.
  • I need FlyLady. Of course, that realization might also be prompted by the fact that my family is coming to visit in like three weeks and my guest bedroom is full of stuff and my bedroom is full of Goodwill boxes that we’ve had packed for more than a year.
  • Family is most important. The thing I regret most about these last two weeks, even up until last night, was neglecting Hayden and Ryan. I was actually pretty good, considering the pressure of keeping up with literally thousands of posts per week, and doing a side job for Ryan’s work. (Ryan is handing in my resignation today, I believe.)
  • If Hayden doesn’t get up before 8, he will not take a morning nap. Never mind that he’s perfectly fine getting up at 7:45 and taking a nap at 9:45 or 10. Today, he got up at 8:30 and would NOT go to sleep until around noon. I’m hoping he’ll either sleep for another hour or wake up like now and take another (short) nap around 4.

And there he is!