To be so young and so serious

Things are going well here in Seattle. It’s a little weird to be “working” again. Actually, since I’m at a conference, it’s almost like being back in school. Except I never had a laptop in school (Thanks again!! to my brother-in-law who let me borrow his at the last minute). But I type notes frantically and study instead of making friends and type as much as I can but actually hear very little. People keep asking me if I feel as though I’ve learned things here. I’m like, “Are you kidding? I’m not listening; I’m typing!”

On a related note, when I look up and see other people on laptops checking their email, surfing or playing solitaire, I want to shout them, “Hey, you or your company paid a lot of money to get you here and you should pay attention!” Come to think of it, I felt the same in college when people were playing on their laptops in class.

I was really surprised at how young some of the people that I’ve come to “know” through their industry blogs really are. Or look. I know when I talk to these people—some of whom are surely older than I am—I feel as though I’m the old one. After all, I can hardly make it a paragraph without mentioning my husband or son. To be married and have a kid makes you old, right? at least one person (who was old enough to have grandkids) was surprised to learn I’m so young.

I don’t feel like I look terribly young. Maybe I do. Maybe I’m a poor judge. I was at a Mary Kay facial thing a few weeks ago and someone asked me if I was engaged. I told her, “No, I’ve been married for three years, almost.”

“Wow,” she said, “you look good.”

Um… what part of three didn’t you understand? It’s not a long time ago. And I know I don’t look 18, thanks.

Sigh. Should I keep you in suspense? Care to guess how old I am? (Family members: hold your tongues fingers.)

3 thoughts on “To be so young and so serious

  1. I sooo understand, lol! I get guessed as 17 all the time. I don’t know why, but it’s always 17.
    (I’m 26, nearer to 27.)When I tell them I’m married with a 5 & 2 year old I get the most bizarre looks. I guess they think I was 12 when I had her.
    It gets frustrating. I’d like to at least get guessed to be 20, lol. But you know, someday it will be a good thing to look younger than your age!

  2. people are not mistaking me for young anymore… i guess 3 years of kids does starts the aging prodess :) I have no clue how old you are :) But someone saying 3 years of marriage makes you old is way too funny!

  3. I was pretty surprised at that one. Then again, perhaps to her putting up with a man for three years is enough to age anyone. 😉

    I’m getting it both ways. When I tell people in my industry that I’m married and have a 16 month old, I think they automatically assume that I’m older than I really am.

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