To a dear friend

I wrote this in an e-mail to an old friend the other day. She probably thinks I’ve lost my mind. Then again, she probably still knows me well enough to know that I lost whatever I did have years ago.

I had a dream about you last night. Well, you were in it. It was weird. President Hinckley was at this . . . stake-conference-like meeting. He walked down the aisles and singled out families who would need to give all they had. He pointed to my mom and said, “The [my parents’ last name] family” (he knew our name!). I asked her and she said they had (or were supposed to have) $150,000 to give because that’s how much my family makes in a year (neither of which is true, I think). They had to give the money because some disaster was coming. Then we ran around my house like crazy getting together everything we needed (which is dumb because that’s why we have a 72 hour kit). I just knew I was going to forget something.

Now I’ve forgotten where you were in this dream. Seems like we sat together in another meeting. And then you were there for a minute while we were running around like crazy. And we hugged at some point. After all, it was apparently the end of the world. . . . It was a strange dream.

If dreams mean something then . . . um . . . I have no idea. But I’ve been missing spending time with her lately, so that might have something to do with it.

It was a strange dream. And really creepy.