Virtually mothering

This week is the eComXpo, a virtual tradeshow for Internet marketing. This marks the third time I’ve attended the semiannual event. It’s strange to think how much things have changed over that time period:

1. Early April, Hayden’s 2 months old. I sit at the computer, Hayden is next to the desk on the floor. He gets a little tummy time, too. The nursing pillow cuddles him until he starts to get fussy. Then I lay him tummy down across my lap and pat his back. He had a little bit of a cold. He sleeps on my lap or on the floor. I can attend pretty much as much of the show as I can stand.

2. Late October, Hayden’s almost 9 months. Was he around that week? Poor kid is totally neglected since I not only have the eComXpo but an entry in the prestigious SEM Scholarship Contest at Marketing Pilgrim that I have to drive traffic to. Luckily, I do both at once and send hundreds of vCards and invitations to view my entry. Every little bit helped—I won by only 3 visitors. When I couldn’t stand to sit at the desk anymore, I tried to listen to presentations and panels while playing with Hayden; this didn’t work.

3. This week, Hayden’s 13.5 months. We’re in day 2 of the conference. There’s not as much that I’m interested in this time around. I no longer get paid by the hour (well, not to attend the conference, at least), so I try to listen to sessions while researching and writing blog posts. This doesn’t work either. I’m interested in the two panel discussions this afternoon; I’m not sure if I’ll get anything out of them if I try to listen while Haydie’s awake. And they’re conveniently scheduled right before and right after his normal nap time. There’s no way I can hope to do my thing while Haydie sits passively by.

Sigh. Yep, just sigh.

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