Web surfin’ meme

Be prepared to be amazed, disgusted and confused. MommyZabs tagged me for a meme about what sites I frequent on the Internet. (Okay, you probably won’t be disgusted, other than by the amount of time I must spend on the Internet.)

What websites do you check out almost everyday?

  • The usual housekeeping: Gmail, Google Reader, usually Facebook. Oh, and Google.
  • Blog stats: Google Analytics, HitTail, FeedBurner, Google Webmaster Central, MyBlogLog stats, Technorati stats
  • Work: Marketing Pilgrim (aka “work”), Search Engine Land, Search Engine Guide, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SE Roundtable, ProBlogger, ChrisG, Google Blogoscoped, Daily Blog Tips, SEOmoz, and probably 20 more, but I’m sure you’re getting bored now.
  • “Personal”: Get Rich Slowly, Parent Hacks, MommyZabs, scribbit, Miscellaneous Adventures of an Australian Mum, eMoms at Home (though this might count as work), Homestar Runner (usually when Hayden’s tired of me being on the computer, and I hold him and show it to him).

What websites do you check out (at least) weekly? These may be ones that I subscribe to, but I’m pretty sure I click through to less than 5x/week.

  • Work: SEO Book, Successful Blog, Lorelle on WordPress.
  • “Personal”: Like a clear blue sky, Rocks in my Dryer, ~ The Art of Life ~, Leezy Lindsey, Knitting Daily.

What websites do you check out (at least) monthly?

  • Work: Business Week (usually).
  • “Personal”: The Year of Living Gramatically (SPOGG), Knitty, Mormanity, MySpace to see if any of my high school friends have resurfaced.

What blog do you consider essential reading?
It’s a toss up. Either Marketing Pilgrim or MamaBlogga.

NO! I’m kidding. Of course. If I couldn’t read any other blog, I’d read…. ….. I’d lose my job, actually. Y’know, I have more than 150 subscriptions (which publish up to 24 stories a day!), and though many of them are solely for work, I’m hard pressed to choose among them.

I choose you, Pikachu!
Now I’m supposed to tag three (preferably five) people.

Here’s the honest to goodness truth: I hate tagging people. I hate to choose among my friends. So tag amongst yourself. Er, volunteer to be tagged in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Web surfin’ meme

  1. Sites I check daily: 5minutesformom.com, craigslist.com, google, itchy.com, crgathletics.com

    Sites I check weekly: People.com, TMZ.com, way.fm, mamablogga.com, kpl.gov, mommylife.net, tvsquad.com

    Sites I check monthly: bhg.com, (This is hard because I usually check things out often if they are worth checking out.)

    Thanks for the sites you listed. I’m going to check them out.

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