The Week in Pictures

Probably not as moving or artistic as the mainstream media feature of the same name, but oh well. Enough talk, let’s get to the pix!

Ballerina boy

Wouldja feed me already, ma? (Taken for the outfit—
yeah, it’s been warm enough for shorts here!)

Hayden is quite good at feeding himself. Sometimes he uses his
hands for the oatmeal-yogurt-applesauce, but still pretty good.

Hayden has lots of great “toys.” For some reason,
we keep them in the kitchen cabinets.

Another toy. His grandma instilled a love of root beer in him at an early age.

As always, the best toy: the box it came in.
(He’s listening to the echo of his voice.)

It’s also useful. It’s the only way I can get him to sit still through lunch
(without resorting to the high chair).

Cookin’ up trouble
(Again, we keep his “toys” in the kitchen cabinets)

First thing when Ryan gets home today, Hayden unzips his pocket and
gets a dry erase marker out. Here he’s fishing for more “toys.”

Video… ah, video… I have less than 5 min left on the first digital “tape,” then we’ll edit and upload. I hope.
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