Welcome to the brand new MamaBlogga!

I was going to wait until my birthday (April 2) to unveil the new site, but . . . I didn’t!

I’ll post more tomorrow, but the biggest and best new features:

  • All new layout. (Let me know if the color melts your brain.)
  • New blogging platform. I switched from Blogger to WordPress.
  • Most importantly, new URL: http://www.MamaBlogga.com . We’re cooking with gas now!

I’ll explain the new tagline, “Mom’s search for meaning,” more soon. Maybe tomorrow. Right now I’m reading an article that my dad sent me that speaks right to the heart of the matter.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the brand new MamaBlogga!

  1. Thanks Kim! I was actually quite concerned with your approval, LOL.

    Let me tell you, I had to play with Apache and PHP and MySQL… and I’m not even done! I forgot that I wanted to get all my tweaks and plugins installed before I migrated… oh well!

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