What’s for dinner? (And a blogging tip)

I just made a Rachael Ray recipe for dinner tonight, and now I have 3/4 of a bottle of curry paste leftover—and nothing to use it in (unless I want to roast 8 cups of vegetables to make this again).

What to do?

Hooray, I get to save like an entire minute with this little gadget:

ingredient search

That’s my built in search engine box in Firefox (highly recommended browser, by the way!). Want an ingredient search? Look at this page. The ingredient search is the second one listed; the plain AllRecipes search is first. I use both.

The other search engines are available from addons.mozilla.org and mycroft.mozdev.org.

Blogging Tip
Do you have a recipe blog? You can submit your recipe blog feed to Google Base (with some formatting) and get a pretty decent likelihood of being ranked for relevant recipe searches.

4 thoughts on “What’s for dinner? (And a blogging tip)

  1. I have this site bookmarked! Isn’t it great? I only wish I had found it a long time ago, especially after throwing out a tube of anchovy paste because I had NO idea how long I could keep it!

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