What’s on your key ring?

I use my keys almost every day. Well, okay, every day that I leave the house. I haven’t changed my keys much in the last few years. I hardly notice what’s on my key ring anymore. (So hard to type “key ring” and not “keyword.”)

  • Seven keys.
    • Car key
    • House key
    • Bike lock key (never use)
    • Key to my old office at work (never use)
    • Key to my parents’ house (have used once in the last year)
    • Key to the storage unit my sister rented a year ago and closed out last August
    • Key to the last apartment I lived in as a single girl (never use; moved in 2004)
  • Costume jewelry ring. My grandma used to send us dried fruit. Now she sends us her used costume jewelry. This one has a clear stone surrounded by “gold” petals. I took it because it fits me. When I don’t have pockets or a purse, I can put on the ring to carry my keys.
  • Discount cards.
    • CVS/pharmacy (I’ve never even seen a CVS in Utah)
    • Albertson’s
    • Smith’s
    • Maverik
  • Pewter lightsaber keychain. Very nice. A little personality here.
  • Picture of Ryan. I keep a picture of my husband on my keychain — when he was like 5. It’s sticky on the back, so I stuck it on my Maverik card. It’s getting kinda torn up.

Pretty boring. Ryan’s are worse. He doesn’t have a lightsaber keychain. Now what will he ever do if he finds himself confronted by a teeny, tiny Jedi?

One thought on “What’s on your key ring?

  1. MY KEYS:
    (1) to the house
    (2) to the cars
    (1) to the mailbox

    Less really is more and welcome to the blogosphere, Jordan! Don’t screw it up.

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