Why I miss Blogger

After a week here in WordPress and my own domain, I have to admit that there are some things I miss about Blogger. I don’t regret switching to WordPress, but there were a couple things that I liked or even preferred about Blogger.

  1. And a big #1: Label posts without opening them. Labeling posts is roughly equivalent to putting them in categories or tagging them. In Blogger, you just check a box next to the post title on your post editing page and label them (like you might in GMail). Yeah.
  2. I felt cool using Greasemonkey to ‘pimp’ my Blogger. It was actually the initial reason I downloaded Greasemonkey for Firefox. Sure, WordPress has ‘plugins,’ but I feel like so much less of a haX0r.
  3. Set up another blog in like no minutes. Yeah, this is probably why there are so many splogs on blogspot, but it’s fun. I set up five different blogs, with different topics, on one account.
  4. It’s easier to tweak your template. I’m really scared of ruining my perfect php files on WordPress. With Blogger, I was relatively confident in tweaking the CSS and HTML. Sometimes I ruined things; then I hit ‘clear changes.’
  5. It’s easy in general. Everything is simpler in Blogger. It’s a simpler platform. WordPress is a ‘professional’ platform.
  6. It’s totally free. Okay, so WordPress itself is free, and if I were hosted on WordPress.com, that would be just as free. But hosting my own site is not free. I’m okay with that, though, since I have a job now.

So, after seven days, there are a few things I miss about Blogger, but I’m definitely not done customizing my WordPress yet with some more cool plugins.

Remember, you can stay with Blogger if you want, but here’s how to switch to WordPress if you’d prefer.

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3 thoughts on “Why I miss Blogger

  1. I prefer WordPress mainly because of the power it gives you. My advice would be to backup and don’t be afraid to change things and see how they work.

    In the meantime, if you need any advice or help, just drop me a line.

  2. Thanks, Owen, I appreciate your offer.

    I agree that WordPress is more powerful; it also makes me feel more “professional” (especially since it’s what I use to blog at work).

    I’ve had to scramble and change things quite a bit since the move; I just barely got the comments working for probably the first time since day 1.

  3. I feel your pain (even though it was from 2007!) because I’m trying to gain the confidence to leave my safe, little Blogger and change over to WordPress and it’s a terrifying prospect! Your blog has helped me a lot though, so thanks!

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