December Group Writing Project Finale

Whoa, where did I go? Oh yeah, I spoke at a conference last week, and I’ve just been too immobilized by stress to tackle the projects that are stressing me out. And I have a toddler. He takes up a lot of time.

But I didn’t forget you! Here are our 15 17 great entries for the December Group Writing Project. The best time of year ranged from the holidays to spring to back to school. Read through and pick your favorite time of year!

Now, feel free to spread the link love by copying the above list (instructions) and posting it to your own blog. Believe me—they all deserve it.

And the winner, chosen at random, is . . .

The best time of the year… by Deb – Mom of 3 Girls

Deb has long participated in the GWP, so I’m especially happy to reward her continued diligence and creativity with a $30 Amazon gift card, which should be winging its way to you soon, Deb. Congratulations!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Still working on your entry? Even though we’ve awarded our prize, we’ll continue to accept, read, link to and comment on submissions through the end of this week.

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9 thoughts on “December Group Writing Project Finale

  1. I totally forgot about this one. I’ve been so busy but congrats to the people who won and awesome job to the people who submitted posts. xD

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