A bit of a slump

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Hayden 13 months 097.jpgIt’s my birthday. I want to go back to bed. I’m tired. Hayden’s not up yet.

I keep promising myself that for my birthday, I’ll go to bed early. We shall see.

It’s funny that just a couple days ago, I was thinking “This is a great age” (about Hayden, not me), and now I’m wishing he’d hurry up and grow up (again). It seems like every stage has a “hurry up and grow up” aspect to it.

The most frustrating part of this phase is the screaming/whining. Hayden still doesn’t speak and doesn’t gesture in a particularly helpful manner most of the time. He gets frustrated when I don’t know what he wants (or just won’t let him have it) and I get frustrated with the insatiable whining, wailing and screaming. I’m a little scared to get him out of bed this morning.

But sleep has dimmed the memory of yesterday and his general grumpiness and as he calls out to me from his crib in his “man voice,” he sounds happy. Maybe today will be better. It had better be. It’s my birthday, darn it!

On the plus side, I’m excited to be 24. I like even numbers.

I think I’ll go to the gym and read something uplifting. Sigh.

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