The BlogOlympics Closing Ceremonies

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Congratulations to absolutely everyone who participated in the 2007 BlogOlympics. You have all truly shown your mettle as community bloggers, striving to interact with the blogosphere, and you have my highest commendation—and, of course, my medal badges!

Some of you, upon reporting which events you completed, underestimated yourselves, so I went oahead and bumped you up a level 😉 . For those of you who completed more than one medal, congratulations! I’ve listed you here under the highest medal level you completed (besides, you didn’t want all three badges cluttering up your blog, did you?). So when reading these lists, remember that silver medalists also completed a bronze-level event, and gold medalists also completed silver- and bronze-level events.

Great job, all—and congratulations to our 19 20 medalists!




The Medals
To insert the BlogOlympics medals in your blog, here’s the handy, dandy HTML code you can just cut and paste—you don’t even have to download & reupload the images!

<a href="" title="Blog Olympics"><img src=""
alt="BlogOlympics Bronze Medalist" /></a>

<a href="" title="Blog Olympics"><img src=""
alt="BlogOlympics Silver Medalist" /></a>

<a href="" title="Blog Olympics"><img src="" alt="BlogOlympics Gold Medalist" /></a>

<a href="" title="Blog Olympics"><img src="" alt="BlogOlympics Participant" /></a>

Again, congratulations to all the medalists and participants! What a wonderful effort you’ve made to improve the blogosphere—and the blogosphere is truly better for it. We’re lucky and glad to have such Olympians among the ranks of bloggers!

I did my best to hunt down all the winners; if I missed you, please contact me!

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16 thoughts on “The BlogOlympics Closing Ceremonies

  1. This was a wonderful idea! I didn’t realize it ended so soon (I was still working up my courage to try a few of the difficult ones – ha). I’m working on my first post for a carnival and I truly don’t think I would have attempted it without the encouragement from your blog olympics idea.

    Thanks for sharing and pushing us to be more creative and innovative with our blogs!

  2. Congratulations to the winners. I wanted to join when I first saw the announcement but this past 2 weeks had been stressful and busy. Anyway, maybe next time around :)

  3. I had a ball… and a HUGE thanks for hosting this. My medal looks so spiffy on my blog page. LOL

    I’m looking forward to the next BlogOlympics!


  4. This was so much fun, I just wish we had more time to do it in. I already save and uploaded all three badges, oh well.

    Hope you do this again next year!

  5. I read through the winners. I was sad I wasn’t in the bronze list, so I checked the silver. I was truly upset I hadn’t got gold but then I read on & shock of shocks I’d got gold!. I hadn’t even realised I’d done enough for the gold so I’m well beyond happy now. I’ve put the badge on my site with pride lol

  6. I love this idea. Unfortunately I just found out about it. Will you be having another one…maybe a Winter Olympics or something like that. I am so sad I missed out.

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