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As announced last week, today is the first day of the BlogOlympics! Who doesn’t want to be an Olympian? Over the course of the next two weeks, you can become one!

How to Participate

  • To earn a medal, you must complete one event at that medal level:

    • To earn a bronze medal, complete one event from the bronze list below.
    • To earn a silver medal, complete one event each from the bronze and the silver lists below, for a total of two events.
    • To earn a gold medal, complete one event each from the bronze, silver and gold lists below, for a total of three events.
  • There are several events that overlap between the levels (for example, the bronze level of commenting is commenting on 5 new blogs; the gold level is commenting on over 16 new blogs). Completing this event at a silver or gold level counts as only one event—to earn a silver or gold medal, you must also complete a different event at the lower levels.
  • The events must be completed over the course of the next two weeks (on or before August 24).
  • To be an official participant, you must also link to this post.

The Events
This list may grow over the course of the BlogOlympics.


  • Comment on up to 5 new blogs
  • Subscribe to a new blog (instructions on subscribing)
  • Submit or vote for a post you like on someone else’s blog on a social networking or bookmarking site
  • Add a blog to your blogroll
  • Overwrite old draft posts that you’re no longer going to use


  • Comment on 6 to 15 new blogs
  • Participate in a blog carnival
  • Participate in a group writing project
  • Subscribe to 3 new blogs (instructions on subscribing)
  • Submit or vote for a post you like on someone else’s blog on a social networking or bookmarking site three times
  • Contact a blogger about guest blogging on their blog
  • Add three blogs to your blogroll


  • Comment on 16 to 25 new blogs (and over)
  • Sign up to host a blog carnival
  • Host a group writing project (or plan one)
  • Subscribe to 5 new blogs (instructions on subscribing)
  • Submit or vote for a post you like on someone else’s blog on a social networking or bookmarking site five times
  • Review someone else’s blog on your blog
  • Interview another blogger
  • Send a completed guest post to another blogger
  • Write two “pillar articles” or pieces of “flagship content
  • Come up with a system to keep track of your blog drafts

Receiving Medals
Once you have completed your all events, please comment (or ping/trackback) on this post to let me know so you can be included in the Closing Ceremonies. Don’t forget to include what medal you’ve earned. Also, please take a badge at your participation level (and include the link back here or to the Closing Ceremonies) to show off your Olympian-ness.

You don’t have to go into great detail (ie telling me which new blogs you commented on or subscribed to), but feel free to share which events you completed! Since the Olympics are about individual excellence as well, this will be on the honor system—I’ll believe whatever you tell me.

The Medals & Badges
BlogOlympics gold medal

BlogOlympics silver medal

BlogOlympics bronze medal

Started some events, but didn’t have time to finish? Take the participant badge!
BlogOlympics participant badge

Good luck!!

Who Said That

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53 responses to “The BlogOlympics”

  1. Amanda Regan says:

    I tried to put the button & link in my site using your instructions but I couldn’t get it to work so it looks like I’m going to be unable to take part sadly.

  2. Jordan says:

    You don’t have to use a button; you can just link to this post in text.

  3. Mommy Babble says:

    I’m writing about this right now on my blog. :) It will be great fun. I’ve already left a lot of comments and added a new blog to my blog roll. LOL

  4. Get Some Blogging Exercise :: Mommy Babble says:

    [...] is challenging everyone to go for the blogging gold. She is hosting the BlogOlympics at her blog. From today until August 24th you can earn medals and get your blog out there more by [...]

  5. SingForHim@RealLife says:

    Oooh, I’m in! I’ve been training already!

  6. summershine says:

    When you say, NEW blogs, does that mean actual recently created blogs, or any blog that we’ve never commented on before?

  7. Jordan says:

    Any blog you’ve never commented on before.

  8. Char says:

    What a cool idea! I have lots of work to do, but I am confident I am well prepared. You get a gold medal for creativity.

  9. Heidi says:

    Lovely idea! Commenting on new blogs is a great way to meet new bloggers.

    lol, funny quote on the bottom of your blog.

    Nice to meet you. :)

  10. Go for the Gold in the BlogOlympics says:

    [...] There are some pretty creative and savvy Mommy bloggers, and MamaBlogga is one of them! She is challenging all of us to become better bloggers, meet new bloggers and exercise our minds and mice in the BlogOlympics. [...]

  11. Chief Family Officer says:

    I totally agree with Char: You get a gold medal for coming up with this!

  12. Jenny from Mommin' It Up! says:

    I am so in! I will post about this tomorrow!

  13. Rhen says:

    Count me in too!!!!!

  14. The BlogOlympics « Yes, They Are All Mine says:

    [...] Mommablogga is hosting the BlogOlympics.  To read how to participate and find the events just head over to her site and check it out!  Looks like fun.  I am going for gold baby!! [...]

  15. Linda says:

    Of course I had to write about this even though I haven´t got the time to participate!

  16. Corey says:

    I am totally going to try, but being that this is my first week back to work and my internet time is limited…we’ll see! :)

  17. Deb says:

    I posted about this today – I’m doing pretty well so far! :)

  18. kailani says:

    Looks like I have some work to do!

  19. TheBitterQueen says:

    As a relatively new, and very inexperienced blogger some of these events are a bit over my head. I can certainly visit new blogs and comment rather than lurk about though.

  20. Lynnae (From Under the Clutter) says:

    I’ve been waiting for this! I’m looking forward to earning my gold medal! Thanks for hosting!

  21. Blog love « Musings of a southern girl at heart says:

    [...] via my Bloglines reader. It has taken me way too long and I must confess to being prompted by the Blogolympics being held by MamaBlogga. Please go forth and spread some blog love and if you homeschool, [...]

  22. Callista says:

    Way cool idea! I’m joining and my post is here:

  23. Mommin’ It Up! » Blog Archive » Dum Dum Da Dum Dum Dum Dum…. says:

    [...] weeks are we are Olympaholics here at Mommin’ It Up! We hope to win a GOLD MEDAL! So go see MamaBlogga to learn how you too can go for the [...]

  24. This Simple Life » Blog Archive » Blog Olympics 2007 says:

    [...] you seen the carnival MamaBlogga is hosting?  No?  Well, go look here.  I’ll [...]

  25. Summer says:

    Well, my trackback hasn’t shown up, so I’ll just let you know I earned Gold. Thanks!

  26. Papaya Mom says:

    I made Bronze :)

  27. peppylady says:

    sounds like fun. I just found you via work for me wednesday.
    I’ll have this posted on my blog tomorrow the 16th of Aug

  28. Who Said That? Friday, August 17th 2007 | Create Business Growth Offers... says:

    [...] McCollum from Marketing Pilgrim has launched a new event on her personal blog – the Blog Olympics! What I love most about the Blog Olympics events is that they provide a guideline for some really [...]

  29. The Old Vic says:

    Searching for meaning is good !

  30. Elaine says:

    So is hosting a giveaway the same as hosting a blog carnival? I’m sure I’m up to silver, but I may have to go for the gold. -e.

  31. BlogOlympics End of Summer Party « Blog In My Eye says:

    [...] honor of MamaBlogga’s BlogOlympics, I will be hosting my first contest and joining Trista at the Pumpkin Patch’s End of Summer [...]

  32. Jordan says:

    @Elaine—Sure, that can count as gold.

  33. An Island Life  Parenting Advice To Myself says:

    [...] have until August 24th to complete your events for Mama Blogga’s BlogOlympics.   Aloha from [...]

  34. Michelle says:

    Gee… a BlogOlympics…. just when I’m starting out, too! This is going to be fun. Looks like I have four days left. I think I’m at bronze already. How do I report my progress again?

    Thanks for hosting this!


  35. Jordan says:

    You can comment here or on a post later this week to report your progress.

  36. It’s the BlogOlympics! « The Beartwinsmom’s Den says:

    [...] just when I thought that I had known a thing or two about blogging (yeah, right), I stumbled upon MamaBlogga who is hosting a BlogOlympics. There are different events that one must complete in order to place [...]

  37. LIVE! and In Color Blog Olympics « says:

    [...] am participating in the Blog Olympics.  I just found out about it, but I’m off to a good start.  It ends Friday, August 24th, so [...]

  38. micpro says:

    Thanks for thinking of this! I’m off to find new blogs to comment on : )

  39. SingForHim @ Real Life says:

    I got Gold!! Here’s what I did:

    B: Comment on up to 5 new blogs
    S: Participate in a group writing project
    G: Sign up to host a blog carnival (in fact, I started my own Mothers and Daughters Carnival)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jordan, you rock!

  40. Jordan says:

    Great job! Be sure to remind me later this week so I don’t forget you in the closing ceremonies. I’m planning to have a post to sign up on Thursday.

  41. Jenny says:

    Wow. I think I could go for the gold medal one if I really tried. And I think I might. :)

  42. Corey says:

    yahoo…I earned GOLD. I subscribed to 3 new blogs, Participated in a Carnival, and commented on over 16 new blogs. woo hoo… fun. thanks!

  43. Deb says:

    I won a gold medal! I subscribed to 5 new blogs (well a few more than that actually), participated in Summer’s group writing project and added several new blogs to my blogroll. Plus a few more things. This was fun – thanks!

  44. Jordan says:

    Thanks everybody for reporting back and great work! Be sure to report your progress on today’s post so I don’t miss it!

  45. I got Silver! « The Beartwinsmom’s Den says:

    [...] to about 5 blogs, and commented on at least that many (if not more). You can read all about the BlogOlympics and hopefully you can participate in the next one when it comes [...]

  46. I Go For The Gold :: Mommy Babble says:

    [...] proud ot have taken hold the gold during the Closing Ceremonies of the 2007 BlogOlympics. It was fun participating and trying to push myself to do all of that I [...]

  47. Simone's Butterfly says:

    What a great idea.

    When will the next round or competition be hosted – I hope I don’t have to wait 4 years!!!!

  48. I won an award! | boogiemum says:

    [...] was created by Skittles’ Place, stop and say “hi!”Yes, I got a gold medal for the BlogOlympics, but that was something entirely different. I wasn’t [...]

  49. Want to participate in the Olympics? | boogiemum says:

    [...] BlogOlympics, that is, hosted by one of my newest blogging finds, MamaBlogga. Here is the opportunity to compete [...]

  50. BlogOlympics Update | boogiemum says:

    [...] you haven’t signed up for the BlogOlympics already, well. What are you waiting for? I [...]

  51. Karlonia says:

    Hmmm…this seems like it might be a good idea for a contest, but I’m not sure how you could possibly verify that any individual participant really did all of that commenting, subscribing, etc.

    One idea that I had for a contest type of thing would be to have an essay/article writing competition where people could write and submit essays on their favorite topic, and the winner would receive some sort of cash prize (probably a relatively small amount like $10 or $20). If there are enough entries, prizes could also be given to second, third, etc. place winners if their articles are reasonably well-written.

    The big advantage of this is that any acceptable submissions could be published as new articles on my site (with appropriate credit given to the authors, of course), which would save me a considerable amount of time in having to write new posts, at least until the submitted material is exhausted. In addition to the possibility of winning the cash prizes, participants would have another incentive – I could allow them to have at least one free link back to their websites in the article text.

    The main drawback to this is that there may not be enough people who would actually write articles, and for SEO reasons I would not want to accept duplicate content. Still, it might be interesting just to see what kinds of things people would write about and want to have published.

  52. Elaine @ Commotion says:

    Well it’s a darn shame that I didn’t find this one until now. I’m only 2 days late!! I think I might qualify for the GOLD too!! SHUCKS!!

  53. l’ve Always W anted to be in the Olympics : Real Life says:

    [...] a Comment Too bad I can’t play any sport to save my life! But thanks to MamaBlogga, I’m going to participate in the [...]

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