Cool dude, pool dude

Today was the long-awaited day: Hayden’s first trip to the pool. We went with my sister-in-law Stacy, niece Skye, and friends Lindsey (Mama) and Sadie (Baby).

Daddy helped to get Hayden’s sunscreen on. I got Hayden these sunglasses today. He’s okay about them, but I’m not sure we’ll keep them.

I also got the swimmin’ suit/swim diaper today as well as the crab bath toy/washcloth beside him. Hayden wasn’t very interested in the crab, but Sadie loved it.

Us in the pool about 10 seconds before I took his sunglasses off.

He wasn’t overly thrilled with the pool—even a little upset and scared at the beginning. It took him a long time to feel comfortable in the water. He was pretty tired, but I think it went okay. He really liked his nice warm bath that night, though. Maybe I should bring his baby tub with us to the pool next time.

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