Group Writing Project — Day One

Things are off to a good start in the first few hours of the Group Writing Project.

In the entries that have been posted so far, we already have a wide range of formats and stories shared—and they’re all great. So take a look at our first four entries and maybe discover some new friends:

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Not in an introspective mood? Here’s the letter that I most wanted to get off my chest:Dear Neighbor Children,Many of us manage to learn from our mistakes. Many of us are forced to make the same mistakes several times before we learn. Since apparently that’s not working for you, let me just tell you something:

THAT CAR ALWAYS HAS THE ALARM ON. ALWAYS. And especially on Sundays while my son is trying to take his nap. So just stop trying to get into it. Nothing’s that important. Just leave it alone.


PS—Pass this along to your parents: Look, your kids don’t seem to get that the car alarm is always on. Either stop keeping stuff that they need during my son’s naptime in that car or keep the keys handier so that you can shut off the alarm in less than three minutes. Really, you don’t live in that big of a house that it should take that long to find them, especially since every Sunday for three months your children have set it off.

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2 thoughts on “Group Writing Project — Day One

  1. Yay! I can comment now! Thanks for your message, by the way. :)

    This is such a cool project, and I really need to sit my fanny down and write something. I loved reading the submissions above.

    Also, I laughed so hard reading your letter to the neighbors. We had the very same problem when we lived in Los Angeles… only the neighbors set the alarm off every other night around midnight. I was about to go postal.

  2. I didn’t mention that the parents sometimes stand in the doorway and turn on the alarm over and over and over and over and over again. I guess that might be the kids, too.


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