Group Writing Project — Days Two & Three

Things are moving right along with the Group Writing Project. Here are our latest entries, and once again, they’re all great!

Is yours ready? Submit your entry today—the contest closes tomorrow. (Do you want an extension?)

I have a short letter today. It’s been a long day.Dear Hayden,

Here’s a proposal for you: you can skip over the uncomfortable tween and teens and we’ll just cut to grandkids, okay? Because today I’m not sure we’ll make it otherwise.

Love you,

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2 thoughts on “Group Writing Project — Days Two & Three

  1. Just thought I’d warn you…it doesn’t work.

    My oldest SWORE to me that she would skip 14-15. I wasn’t asking nearly as much as you. She reneged on her promise. She’s 19 now and I barely survived. Now two of her younger sisters are teens. They haven’t kept their promises either. It is so unfair.

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