I’m nominated!

My post Five Things Moms Do Right has been nominated for GNMParents’ Hot Stuff! About the award:

Here are your nominees for this week’s Hot Stuff. They’re each an example of the kind of parenting we think is important here at GNMP. So, pour a cup of coffee or tea [or water], slip into your comfy zone, and spend some time reading each of this week’s nominees. Then, vote. After that, maybe a nice walk with your kids.

Now, I’m not going to ask you to vote for me. It’s just now how I roll. However, I will ask you to go read through all of these awesome posts and vote for which ever one you like best. And if it’s mine, then great!

Not familiar with GNMParents? They’re all about positive parenting. Or, as they put it, “We believe parenting (that is to say, positive parenting) is the key to happiness, because it provides children with a base of comfort, which allows them to grow. Our focus on parenting has everything to do with creating a better, safer, more pleasant society.”

Thank you to whomever nominated me!