Interview with Asha (Parent Hacks)

This week, Asha Dornfest, editor of the wildly popular parent blog Parent Hacks and writer/blogger extraordinaire, was kind enough to take some time to discuss fulfillment with me.

Read on to benefit from her insights!

How do you define fulfillment?

I used to think of fulfillment as a destination — something to aspire to, like “happiness.” But as I get older, I find that I grab onto fulfillment in smaller bits — in hours, or even minutes. I no longer expect the Nirvana-like arrival of “fulfillment.” I think in much smaller blocks of time.

How do you find personal fulfillment in your life?

I try to balance the energy coming in and the energy going out. So, if I’m spending a lot of time giving (to my kids, to the house, to friends) I try to set aside time to do something for myself. Same goes the other way — if I find myself preoccupied by my work or my anxieties, I try to move my focus outside of myself, to my family, my friends, and my community. The scale’s always tipping, but I do my best to bring it back to center when I can.

How do you find personal fulfillment through motherhood?

I feel most fulfilled by motherhood when I can step back and see the individuals my kids are becoming. The day-to-day routine can get lost in details, so I try to spend a few minutes every day really seeing these children, inside and out.

Thank you very much, Asha! I really appreciate your taking time to answer these questions. I’m still learning that fulfillment isn’t a destination; it comes when you take a moment to look at the journey. When my life or stress or troubles threaten to overwhelm me, I find that focusing on others helps to put things in perspective, too.

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