Popular Parent Bloggers

Inspired by Todd And’s Power 150, a listing of the top English language marketing blogs, I compiled my own set of ranking factors to create a list of Popular Parent Bloggers. The original list of popular parent bloggers premiered in April 2007. Did you make the updated list? Here they are, ranked in order of popularity:

  1. 5 Minutes for Mom
  2. Scribbit
  3. Rocks in My Dryer
  4. Boo Mama
  5. amalah . com*
  6. HerBadMother
  7. An Island Life
  8. Write from Karen
  9. Lil Duck Duck
  10. Fussy*
  11. Trying to Catch up
  12. Troll Baby*
  13. Sprittibee
  14. Here comes a storm*
  15. Everyday Mommy
  16. The Miscellaneous of an Australian Mum
  17. Plain Jane Mom*
  18. Principled Discovery
  19. MamaArcher
  20. Ever After . . . My Way (Twisted Cinderella)
  1. Sweetney*
  2. Sparks and Butterflies
  3. Big Mama
  4. Frog and Toad Are Still Friends
  5. The Bean Blog*
  6. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  7. An Ordinary Mom
  8. Three Kid Circus
  9. Embracing Momminess
  10. Mommy off the Record*
  11. Metro Mama*
  12. Our Journey to “Little Maple” and back…
  13. Antique Mommy
  14. Suburban Turmoil*
  15. White Trash Mom*
  16. Changed by His Love
  17. Petroville
  18. Don’t Try This at Home
  19. MamaBlogga
  20. It coulda’ been worse

The * denotes blogs that use strong language from time to time.

Download the OPML file to subscribe to all these blogs in a feed reader like Bloglines or Google Reader. (While you’re at it, subscribe to MamaBlogga!)

Ranking factors
The Popular Parent Bloggers ranking is based on:

  • Technorati ranking
  • Number of blogs linking to your blog
  • Number of MyBlogLog community members
  • Number of Bloglines subscribers
  • Google PageRank (just for the heck of it)
  • The number of comments received in a week (weighted most heavily; I picked the last week in August 2007 to make it all equal).

Made the list?

Feel free to take one of the badges below and add it to a post or sidebar. Please link back to MamaBlogga if you take a badge, and please save the picture to your blog.

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Want to be included on the list?
Obviously, something’s messed up with the last little bit of the list; what am I doing up there?!

Think your blog should be here? E-mail me at jordan (at) mamablogga.com (be sure to include your blog’s URI, as well as a link to your MyBlogLog community). Note that on average, a blog on the list will have over 100 Bloglines subscribers, rank in the top 10,000 blogs on Technorati (over 600 in Authority), have around 40 MyBlogLog community members and/or receive 100 comments over seven days.

To leave comments, questions or pingbacks, visit the updated list announcement post.