July GWP Days Two and Three

With thirteen more entries over the last two days, things are moving right along for the July Group Writing Project, and of course all our entries are of the highest quality! Today we have a wide range of thanks for everything from hugs to hair color. So read, comment and enjoy!

And don’t forget to submit your entries before Saturday!

I’m grateful to my mother for working so hard to establish family traditions. Everything from nightly dinner together and monthly dinner with our extended family to crafts throughout Christmas has not only given me wonderful memories but helped me to build a relationship with all of my family.

I know my mother did this deliberately (of course). I didn’t realize it, though, until I heard her talk about how hard she worked to establish these family traditions. We got to know each other, stay involved in one another’s lives and build relationships with my sisters that I know our friends envied. (Somehow, though, that relationship always seemed to manifest itself by quoting television commercials in unison, which is hardly enviable, but still.)

I suppose I don’t really need to thank my mother for this, since I’m sure she doesn’t feel underappreciated in this aspect of our lives—she’s already been able to reap rich benefits from our family’s traditions.

Thanks, mom. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Or, as Cookie (Monster, not Brooke) would say: “Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Oh boy, oh boy!”

Don’t forget to submit your entries!

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3 thoughts on “July GWP Days Two and Three

  1. That is one thing I try to do is have dinner ready so we all can sit down together and play catch up with everyone being so busy. That’s what I loved about my mother, and Christmas time were all the family traditions.
    I agree with everyone, family traditions are very important.

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