Mother’s Day

making Mothers day merry badgeWhy are we making Mother’s Day merry—and why are we starting now? Because mothers deserve appreciation and recognition —and not just one Sunday a year.

I’m working on a series of posts about honoring motherhood in various ways. You can leave a suggestion for me, but you can also join in by writing your own post and participating. Won’t you join me in a post or two?

To add the Making Mother’s Day Merry badge to your site and link back to this page (or any post in the Making Mother’s day merry series), copy this HTML code and paste it into your post or sidebar:

<a href="" title="Making Mothers Day Merry" style="text-decoration: none;"><img src="" style="border: 1px solid #4c2400;" alt="making Mothers day merry badge" /><br />Make Mother’s Day Merry with MamaBlogga</a>

Thanks to the following wonderful people who participated in making Mother’s Day Merry!

  1. Brandi @ Home, Hope & Future: Living Freely: MOTHERHOOD. . A JOURNEY OF LEARNING
  2. Misi: And the legacy continues
  3. Lisa Smith @ Regionz Kidz: Mommy Dearest
  4. Robert A. Henru: No better mom than you…
  5. The Book of Martha: Three Little Kittens

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