MamaBlogga Group Writing Project: Redux

The MamaBlogga Group Writing Project was pretty successful—and not just for me here at MamaBlogga.

I told you when we started the project that participating in a Group Writing Project was a good way to find new blogs and get visitors and comments to your blog. I took a look at the numbers (which took forever!) and thought I’d let you know how much the GWP made a difference for our participants (see the full list of participants here).

Visitors from MamaBlogga
I looked at my stats for seven days during and after the group writing project. Here’s what I found:

  • Participants received 150 visits from clicks on my pages during those days.
  • During those days, as many as all ten of my top ten most popular outgoing links were visits to participants.
  • At least half of all my outgoing visits were to participants during this period.

Participant Comments
Participants in the Group Writing Project didn’t just get visits from our site. They also got one of a blogger’s favorite things: comments.

  • Entries received nearly 60% more comments than other posts on their blog did that week (after removing an outlier; with the outlier it was still more than 50% more comments).
  • On average, entries received more than nine comments each.
  • The winning entry (which was chosen at random) received the most comments, with 26 comments.
  • That was nearly four more comments than the average number of comments on that week’s other posts.

I don’t have access to all my participants’ data (though if you’d care to share, I’d love to hear it!), but I can tell you what a difference the GWP made in my visits:

  • On average that week, I received just under 125 visits per day
  • On average, that was up 45% over the same day the previous week (after removing one outlier).
  • My top traffic day that week was the day I posted my own entry. I received 170 visits.
  • My highest improvement was up 76.6% over the same day the previous week.

If you’d like to share your visitor stats, please do!

Why Are You Telling Me All This?
Of course, I’m just trying to get you excited for next week’s MamaBlogga Group Writing Project II!

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