MamaBlogga Group Writing Project Finale

Time for the last status report on the MamaBlogga Group Writing Project. We had one more submission last night after my post, which I ended up adding here on MamaBlogga:

That brings our total count of submissions—all most excellent!—to 18. Pretty cool, and pretty good for our first time around!

All entries
Here is the complete list of entries that qualify for the prize:

The winna!
Chosen at random, the winner of our prize, a $30 gift certificate, is <drum roll>…

If We Live Here by Meghan

Congratulations, Meghan! The gift certificate is winging its way to you from Amazon right now! (And we really hope you get that house—let us all know how it goes!)

Still working on your letter? Even though we’ve awarded our prize, we’ll continue to accept, read, link to and comment on submissions through next week.

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12 thoughts on “MamaBlogga Group Writing Project Finale

  1. Yay Meghan! I love that girl.
    Jordan- Thanks for doing this. It was fun! I look forward to more projects like this.

  2. Congrats Meghan! I absolutely loved the letter to your children. I was so touched…it almost brought tears to my eyes!

  3. So much fun! Thanks for doing this, and I LOVED reading all the different entries! Thanks for letting a newbie in!


  4. Are you serious? I won? No way! I’ve never won anything when “random” is involved. Never. I mean, not even at parties when five names are thrown into a hat and four prizes are given out. I’ll be the one name left in the hat.

    This is so cool. Thank you, Jordan.

    What’s even cooler was getting to read the entries. I still have some to read… and I look forward to it.

    Rock on, ladies! I look forward to reading your blogs in the future.

  5. Oh, and thanks for the comment on the short story. Oops! I updated it because it won an honorable mention in the creative writing contest here and I wanted the post to be the same as the text I submitted. I thought I’d buried it well within the archives and feeds but your feeds must have popped it up. :) I was a little embarrassed for people to have seen it, it’s not my normal writing.

  6. Congratulations to Meghan! I can’t believe (well, yes I can) that I forgot to enter. Duh! I think I need to get some sort of system to keep track of all the deadlines! hee hee

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