Mom bloggers in the Top 5 writing project

Last week, ProBlogger ran a Group Writing Project with the theme of “Top 5.” There were nearly 900 entries. I noticed several mom (and dad) bloggers among the lists, so I scoured the lists of participating entries and compiled the lists by, about or for parents.

Before you tune out, would any other mom bloggers be interested in another group writing project? Any ideas for a theme? Leave a comment!

And now for the posts. Enjoy!

Oh, I forgot mine: Five Things Moms Do Right.

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8 thoughts on “Mom bloggers in the Top 5 writing project

  1. Great idea! I would be interested. I haven’t come up with a topic but will let you know if I come up with something.

  2. The openendedeness (is that a word?) of the top five list is something that lent itself to SO many participants…so a topic that people can ‘bend’ to suit their mood/site etc but with a kid/family/parenting twist might be good.

  3. Thanks for compiling this list. It’s something I wanted to do myself but didn’t never got around to.

    And now I don’t have to!

    Thanks again.


  4. A little while, yeah, especially since the “complete list” was incomplete when I was looking at it (I told Darren and hope that he was able to correct this). Your tips sound great, SusieJ!

  5. I loved doing this group writing project, it was tons of fun and I got to see so many blogs that I might not have otherwise. I barely got through a tiny fraction of the huge list!

    I’d definitely be interested in doing a family related writing project.

  6. I love your inventiveness. Yes, I love group writing projects, that’s what I’ve tried to do a bit with my Write Away Contest, but my topics aren’t quite so general.
    Plus, I’m no Problogger :)

  7. Thanks for mentioning my Top 5 … great list!! Let me know about any future group writing projects. I’m game.

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