The Ultimate List of Pregnancy and Maternity Costumes

updated for 2012

Don’t miss the ultimate list of family costumes!

I was almost six months pregnant with my first when Halloween rolled around. I was completely stumped for a good costume, and we had a party to go to. After looking on dozens of message boards and lots and lots of web searches, I assembled the granddaddy of all lists of pregnancy-related costumes.

jrrshalloween05I realize that not everyone is looking for a couple/pregnancy costume, so the list starts off with “stand alone” costumes that highlight your “baby bump.” Next is couple costumes, although there is some overlap between the two. Most of the costumes were fairly self explanatory, but I elucidated a bit for a few. Please note that I’m not saying that I think these ideas are good/creative/funny; they’re just everything I found. Also note that any links in the list are affiliate links; I get a small percentage of any purchase made after clicking on the links. Not all linked costumes are “maternity” costumes, but they may still fit.

Not the costume type?
Check out these “instant costume” t-shirts, including a skeleton baby, “I’m dressed up as my mom,” jack-o’-lantern print and “This year my costume is ‘exhausted pregnant chick.'”

Stand Alone

  • 8 Ball (you could even be magic, if you feel so inclined)
  • alien creature coming out of your belly
  • angel
  • baker
  • Baker’s Wife (“Into the Woods”)
  • Barney
  • big baby
  • Belly Dancer
  • Big Bird
  • Bowling Ball
  • bumblebee
  • angel
  • bump in the road (wear all black, use sticky-backed felt strips to create road markings. Stick some cars on your belly)

Couple Costumes

There were a few things on my list that were “topical” (read: “dated”). Can you tell what year this was?

My favorite idea wasn’t really related to pregnancy, but adorable: Sesame Street Martians (see for awesome instructions instructible and their family song if you’ve forgotten it .) I told my husband it’d be cute to put “Yip, yip, YOU!” on his back and “Yip, yip, ME!” on my back and “Yip, yip, BABY!” on my belly. Ryan laughed at me.

Our choice? That’s us at the top of the post. The day of the party, I got some pipe cleaners and headbands and made myself a halo and Ryan a set of sparkly red “horns.” He wore his red boots and his shirt with flames on it; I wore a flowy white shirt and skirt. It ended up being so flowy that almost no one could tell I was pregnant. Oh well.

21 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Pregnancy and Maternity Costumes

  1. These are terrific, almost enough to make me want another pregnancy . . . almost :)

    So are you posting pictures of your own costume?? :)

    Also, I wanted to let you know I changed the mess about the leaving the links in the comments and installed a Mr. Linky instead. I went ahead and added your post’s permalink to the list. Just FYI.

  2. I actually did the alien coming out of my belly and it was AWESOME. My 2 yr. old son thought that the bloody alien was actually my baby coming out. The freaky part is that he didn’t seem to mind having an alien for a sister.

  3. @Michelle—I appreciate your letting me know and adding my link!

    And I don’t think we have any pictures of ourselves that year. I’ll have to ask at this year’s party if any survived.

  4. Me and 5 friends usually get together and we are all together a 6 pack of beer. It is funny to see your friends dressed like Budweiser. I was this even when I was preggo. I don’t even drink either, so you won’t see me with a can in my hands. LOL…

  5. I was planning on going as a pumpkin this year (I’m definitely showing at 6 months) wearing green pants and an orange halter so I could paint my belly. I mentioned this to a friend and she suggested my husband go as the pumpkin farmer đŸ˜‰

  6. Halloween with my first I dressed up as a toddler with some super cute maturnity overalls I found. I loved it. I was just starting to show and waddle a bit,so I had the toddler belly and early walk going on. :)

  7. I’m going as Aphrodite the Goddess of fertility. Not only can you make this very easily, but it really comfortable, and temperature wise very cool!

    Have a happy Halloween!

  8. @Michelle—great costume! Of course, where I live, I have to worry about keeping warm instead! We still haven’t picked costumes this year. Hm…. maybe I have a post idea….

  9. I was around my fifth month when Halloween hit, and I am SO not into cute or jokey costumes. I’m into historical re-enactment, so I planned ahead and bought a medieval-style surcoat and undergown for when I could no longer lace up my bodices and corsets. I belted it wherever it felt comfortable and off I went. A lot of historical costumes made space for bellies, either with high waists or a loose shape — Empire/ Regency (Jane Austen gowns, i.e. “Pride and Prejudice), Italian Renaissance (“Ever After”), Greek/ Roman/ biblical (remember, Mary had to be pregnant before the Nativity ;). A friend of mine wore a beautifully embroidered Middle Eastern caftan she found online, and a Folkwear pattern I finished recently could have definitely given me all the space I needed (the Afghani Dress).

    Sorry it’s a bit late — I surfed in via Yahoo. Maybe for next year đŸ˜‰ (Everything you could possibly need for ideas or purchasing) (Simplicity Pattern company site) (McCall’s and Butterick Pattern sites) (Sense and Sensibility, for its fabulous Empire gown pattern) (Historical and ethnic patterns galore)

  10. With our first daughter my husband and I dressed like a pregnant house wife from the fifties and the milk man. Everyone thought it was super cute. Don’t know what we’re going to do this time around b/c we want to include baby.

  11. Thanks for the list. My hubby and I just bought our costumes last night and ended up deciding to go as Harry Potter and pregnant Hermione :) We thought it would be fun to be an unexpected, funny pair!

  12. I went as a superhero – bought a cape from and mask. I wasn’t feeling anything cute, just feeling fat. :) this way I got to wear my slouchy pants and a tshirt. But I have another party to go to and love the idea of harry potter and pregnant hermione!

  13. These are all really good ideas. I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter for halloween in’08. I painted most of my body gold and wrapped up in a gold sheet and went as Buddha :)

  14. thanks to your list i was able to win best costume at work! haha i was a gumball machine but instead of gumballs rolling out you got to get a baby. get it? haha

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