September Group Writing Project Finale

With thirty-eight awesome entries (including one late one!), I’m happy to say that the September Group Writing Project has been excellent! I can’t say enough about the wonderful entries that we’ve read over the last week. Without making you wait a moment more, here is the final list of entries:

All of these great entries clearly took time and consideration. Read through them and find inspiration from mothers in all walks of life.

Now, feel free to spread the link love by copying the above list (instructions) and posting it to your own blog. Believe me—they all deserve it.

The Winna!
Chosen at random, I swear, the winner of our prize, a $30 gift certificate, is <drum roll>…

Motherhood is… by Papaya Mom

Congratulations, Papaya Mom, on not only winning the gift certificate (again, she was chosen at random!) but also on writing a wonderful entry! The gift certificate will be winging its way to you soon!

Still working on your entry? Even though we’ve awarded our prize, we’ll continue to accept, read, link to and comment on submissions through next week.

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