Six of one, half a dozen of the other VI

Since last week I covered motherly chores that I like and don’t like (and since we’re in serious need of more Hayden pictures here!), here’s six chores that Hayden likes.

Six chores Hayden hates
Diapers. We have something in common!
Getting dressed. He does like it, however, when I let him walk around naked (diaper-clad) in the middle of getting dressed. Lately he’s started standing up, giving me a sly smile, waving bye bye and heading for the door.
Post-meal face washing. ‘Nuff said.
Vacuuming. Actually, he really likes me to hold him while I vacuum, but he can’t decide whether he’s thrilled or terrified.
Following Mom around while she does chores. What about me, Mom? Can I help? Can I have your duster/vacuum/broom/hands/attention/every waking moment?
Errands, although he does like his new big boy car seat:
Hayden in car seat

Half a dozen chores Hayden loves

Hayden 13 months 083.jpg
Hayden dishes
Hayden dusting
Hayden bathing
Hayden watering the lawn
Watering the lawn. See how he’s standing in the sprinkler path and has water all over him?
Laundry. Sorry, no pictures of him pulling the clean clothes out of the basket or getting caught in his hamper. Okay, okay, scroll down to the third picture in this post to see Hayden trapped in hamper.

My house should probably be a lot cleaner than it is with a little boy so obsessed with instruments of torture tidiness.

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