Story time

Today’s been . . . great. Here’s a very short story about my very long day.

If I had to place it in a genre, it would have to be ‘horror.’

It is entitled, “The Poop That No Diaper Could Contain.”

Actually, having said that, I think the story kind of tells itself. Except for a few details: it happened twice—today. The poop was white (TMI, I know, but I was more than a little freaked out at my son’s bizarre albino stool). In fact, I mistook some ‘escapees’ for pieces of bread. (Then I cleaned them up.)

Okay, this really isn’t that kind of blog.

But I do have to add one more detail. Hayden was sick over the weekend and I thought we’d gotten past that, but he’s been whiny and clingy and completely off solid food all week.

I was wrong. After the poops, there was the pukes.

Okay, I promise that’s it. I may come back tomorrow and decide this post is just too gross to keep and delete it.

If I get a minute tomorrow, that is.

Oh, I’m sure you’re wondering about our ant friends. Bay leaves didn’t work. :(

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7 thoughts on “Story time

  1. Thanks, Kasie. I know you’ve been having tummy troubles in your house lately, too. I’m glad your daughter’s doing better!

  2. Oh bless your heart. Bless! Your! Heart! Aren’t those days just the worst? I so hope he is on the mend and that today is going so much better. (How could it not? Errrr, maybe I shouldn’t have said that . . .)

  3. Hooe he feels better tomorrow! We’ve been there. (BTW if your child ever had bright blue poop double think what he had for dessert the day before. Chances are it’s cake w/ tons of blue food coloring frosting. The doc finds it very amusing when you rush in w/ this!)

  4. That’s a good one! I actually brought his white poop to his doctor this morning. He agreed that it was really weird. He ordered an all-pedialyte diet for the next 8 hours and blood work. Hayden had lost 5 ounces since his appointment last month :(

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