You’re an enabler, and I thank you for it

Dear Ryan,

You’re an enabler, and I thank you for it.

You’ve enabled me to do things I never thought possible. Without you, obviously, I wouldn’t be a wife or a mother. Without you, I wouldn’t have survived the rough days and the impossible nights.

Your encouragement has often come in tacit signs—everything from a hug to taking Hayden somewhere while I tried to write or cook dinner. But, it seems, equally often, your encouragement has come through your supportive words. Everything from “You’re dinner” to “The house looks good, babe.”

This month your enabling has allowed me to leave you and Hayden alone while I went to a conference—at your encouragement.

In the almost three years that we’ve been married, you’ve enabled me to grow beyond myself so many times. In fact, even during the process, I couldn’t appreciate the changes, but looking back now, I realize how much I’ve grown with your encouragement.

I hope to be able to return the favor and enable you to continue to grow personally, “parentally” and professionally.

Happy Father’s Day.

I love you.


8 thoughts on “You’re an enabler, and I thank you for it

  1. Wow!!! What an incredible husband that Ryan is….He’s one of my idols :)

    Don’t let my nephew get sick anymore!!!!

  2. Well, geez, Jared, why don’t you put his Social Security Number up there, too? (That really scared me until I saw who it was from.)

    Don’t let my niece get knocked unconscious anymore! 😉

  3. Aww, this is so sweet. DH and I have 25 yrs on you, but I hope we’re still thinking this way. It’s so good when someone helps you be more than you’d be if you didn’t have them, isn’t it?

    Shine On,

  4. Absolutely! It’s amazing what a difference someone else can make. It’s hard to understand from the outside.

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