Professional Blogger, Writer and Editor

In addition to writing here on MamaBlogga, I also write for the Internet marketing news blog, Marketing Pilgrim.

With my professional Internet marketing and blogging experience, I often offer advice and resources on blogging for mom bloggers.

My professional writing and editing has received acclaim from clients and colleagues, including:

  • Thank you for the initial pages, we think you were able to represent [us] very well within them.
  • [A manager] came in and told us today that they [a pleased client] are still raving about you and that they are honestly very grateful for the great work that you have done on their landing pages. In the past they haven’t had good experiences with marketing companies before, but that so far with [us] it has been nothing but great. Thanks for all the work that you do!
  • Thanks Jordan, these look great!
  • Thanks Jordan, these are works of art !!

See also: A great work week and PM on my MP experience.

In addition to my writing experience, I also have extensive experience in editing. I have edited various works over the last ten years, ranging from essays, term papers and magazines to landing pages, articles, blog posts and books.

Please contact me if you’d like to enlist my services!