Group Writing Project — Day Four

It’s the last full day of the Group Writing Project. I’ll still be taking submissions, but if you’re doing it for the shot at the certificate, be sure to submit your entry by the end of today (and as long as it’s Thursday somewhere in the world, I’ll take it—you have seven hours remaining!).

The entries today have been just wonderful! Dig in!

If there are any more submissions tonight, I’ll post the last daily list tomorrow, then the complete list of qualifying entries and the winner on Saturday. (If we don’t get any more entries, I’ll post the complete list and winner tomorrow.)

And as I said before, I’ll continue to accept and link to submissions, probably through next week, but since I’d feel like I let the bloggers who worked so hard to get their letters done this week down, I’ll keep the original deadline as the prize deadline.

Thank you to everyone who’s participated so far! I’m so glad I don’t have to choose the winner on merit; I would be so lost!

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