Why are we always the last to know?

Hayden has been a bit of a pill lately. Last night he screamed for like 45 minutes after we put him down (at which point we gave up and let him play for 30-45 minutes. He went right down after that). He’ll spend entire nap times crying. This is very unusual for my son whom the nurses could barely get to whine when he was born. Yes, he whines plenty these days, but he’s been a good napper and good about bedtime for months now.

Some time in the last two weeks, I saw something white on Hayden’s gums in the back of his mouth. I tried to touch it and thought I brushed it away.

But then Ryan brought Hayden to me this morning, pointing out the same white thing in the back of his mouth—a molar. I felt his gums on the other side; there was another.

Hayden’s first molar
There you can see the first one. You can see almost all of his teeth here other than one on the bottom and the other molar. You can also see his top lateral incisor, which I think might also be chipped (and much worse than the other one).

No wonder he’s been so grumpy. This also explains how he’s been able to chew things better lately.

Why are we always the last to know? Guess it’s a little late to put these teething tips to use…

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7 thoughts on “Why are we always the last to know?

  1. I was always ‘after the event’ too, until I managed to connect the dots.
    Best wishes and lots of peace now.

  2. Yeah, that’s why it’s cropped so close, so you couldn’t see the scene of torture taking place before your very eyes.

    He’s a bit of a drama … king?

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